The Biggest Painting in the World [Social Responsibility]

Concept of HIROMI INAYOSHI Social Responsibility

HIROMI INAYOSHI Social Responsibility

Since 1996 I have been working on many social action
programs on a global scale with all the ability and creativity bestowed
on me as designer and artist. They are the projects carried out
by a Japanese NPO, NGO Earth Identity Projectss, and CI Renaissance
Committee. The history of these diverse activities is precisely
my message for the next generation.

Hiromi Inayoshi


It is to put together the paintings of the children of
the world, regardless of their country, religion and ethnicity,
in order to create the Biggest Painting in the World 2016,
as a symbol of peace.

Hiromi Inayoshi


in People ’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1996

n line with my thought that art can contribute to the world
peace, 13,000 children of Kurigram, Bangladesh, gathered at
the river bed of Dora River, painted on 1,000 pieces of
1m x 10m cloth and created the Biggest Painting in the World.
I was overwhelmed by the art created by mostly illiterate
children who had never painted in their lives. Their work re-
minded me of the ancient pictures solemnly painted on
the walls, and proved in practice the words of two great artists,
which are following: “Gods reside in the poor.” Tagore
and “Children in their own right are real artists.” Paul Clay

This grand project was carried out by joint hosting of
NGO Kirara-no-kai (now NGO/NPO Earth Identity Projects)
lead by Ms Hiroko Kawahara and my CI Renaissance
Committee. The children of 10,000 women who take an active
part in the Kurigram project organized by NGO Kirara-no-
kai, were given some practice for a month, and challenged
the project on this proud occasion. Under the leader-
ship of the president Kawahara, 20,000 brushes and palettes,
10km-long cloth, a ton of paint, 20,000 meals and 30
wells were provided. His Excellency Humayun R Chowdhury,
Speaker of Bangladesh National Congress, inaugurated
the project with a message Though children may not know ex-
actly what peace is, they painted to the Golden Children
who will form the future of the country. PEACE on the cloth and
sang songs for PEACE on that grand day. “We do not open-
ly shout against wars or organize any peace movement in the
conventional sense, but believe that having children in
the world to paint and enjoy themselves in doing so is one of
many ways to the world peace” says Ms Kawahara. Thus,
this project will spread into the whole world to be the Biggest
Painting in the World 2016.

Hiromi Inayoshi
Director General,
NGO/NPO Earth Identity Projects