Master artist in mark (logo) designs and one
of the world-class corporate identity (CI) designers,
Hiromi Inayoshi has established a style of his
own in the graphic design world, particularly in CI
designs with mark (logo) as its core, and de-
signed logo marks for many enterprises and organi-
zations in the world. In addition, he proclaims
that mark is art, icon portraying one's inner self, and
has established a new form of art, personal
mark (logo), giving rise to a Renaissance of portrayal
art. Since 1999 he has designed and created
personal marks for many people in the world, includ-
ing such VIPs and cultural figures as His Majesty
the King of Thailand, His Majesty Sultan of Burnei,
His Holiness Dalai Lama 14th and Prof. Muhammad
Yunus, a Nobel Peace Laureate. Recently he
has tried various types of artistic extensions with his
2D marks, applying sophisticated techniques,
and has developed them into 3D sculptures with tra-
ditional lacquer works, into brocade weaving and
jewelry, which have been sublimed as an art form be-
yond comparison. His global artistic activities
include aino and rabbisun, to mention only a few of
the wide array of his sculptures and modern art
works, introduced mainly in New York City. Since 1996,
he has become active in social actions through
art, with aim to solve the global problems and to estab-
lish everlasting peace, and deployed global-scale
art-aid projects for peace such as support for United
Nations through designing, and “the Biggest Painting
in the World 2012” project in which the paintings
by children across the world, regardless of nationality,
race, religion, and language, are sewn together
into one great painting, in order to promote peace,
heiwa in Japanese, for which two Japanese characters
hei (plane, level, even or smooth) and wa (circle,
harmony, or conformity) are used. Other global art aids
he leads include “Picture Book without Picture”
aiming at realizing the world without war or nuclear
weapons, and organizing the design competitions
focusing on developing the peace conscious mind of
the next generation as well as their creativity.
With his life theme, which is leading the world into
peace through art and beauty using all his ability and
might, he has become a focus of world atten-
tion as social design innovator and peace conductor.



His masterstroke is the double gold medals
awarded by New York ADC, called Academy Award
and the highest peak in the design world,
for its advertising poster section as the first Asian.
Awarded, ever since, many Distinctive Merit
and Merit Awards for outstanding performance by
New York ADC, Tokyo ADC Prize, Grand Prix
for Corporate Identity Design by the Japan Typography
and Association, Excellence Award for
Architectural Show Room Design at the Display and
Commercial Space Design Japan, Grind Prix
for Japan Advertising Photographers' Association,
Excellence Award for International CI Design,
and more than 100 other prizes and awards at national
and international exhibitions including Lahti
Poster Biennale, Warsaw Poster Biennale, Bruno
Design Biennale, Excellence Award for
Swiss Graphis Corporate Identity with honor of Great
Example of Typography.


CEO, Super naissance Inc.

President, super graphic new york co., ltd.

Director general, NPO Earth Identity Projects