question 1.
In your special lecture at
Bangkok University, one stu-
dent asked for your opinion
about the difference between
designing and art, and you
answered that they must go to-
gether. Do you mean that
designing needs art as an ex-
pression of the designer's
heart? Or can we say that de-
signing is an art?

Graphic Art, an art expressed
through printing, has been
established as one area of art.
Printing, as tradition, most-
ly means lithograph, silkscreen
printing, and block printing,
and Graphic Art is also a realm
of art where, unlike the
painting and drawing complet-
ed on one image plane, an
original work is copied into sev-
eral pieces to be complet-
ed in its multiplicity. Therefore,
Graphic Design, which is
also expressed in printing and

copied for completion in
its multiplicity, can theoretical-
ly claim to have the possi-
bility of subliming into Graphic
Art as an area of art. I, my-
self claim that Logo is an art,
and it has become my phi-
losophy of creation. However,
I do not mean that all the
logos, the works of Graphic De-
sign, in the world are the
artworks. I mean the Logos I
create are the works of art.
Paul Klee defines the art as fol-
lows:Art is not the act of
recreating what you can see,
but of making what is un-
seen visible. And I would say
the same, replacing "art”
with "Graphic Design” : Graphic
Design is not the act of rec-
reating what you can see, but
of making what is unseen
visible. Graphic Design is a no-
ble act of visualizing ideals
and Design is planning to ex-
press in the two-dimensional
plane the unseen feelings,
thoughts, and philosophy, with

human endeavor. Especially,
Logo, which is quintes-
sence of Graphic Design is the
most efficient, ultimately
symbolized art form which em-
bodies what is unseen.
Thus, I firmly believe and de-
clare my works, Logos of
my creation, my Graphic Design,
are the works of art. If even
one of you step out to this direc-
tion, canalizing your cre-
ative energy to combine design
and art, you would under-
stand what I mean when I say
Design is an art and Logo
is an art.

question 2.
Normally, we are taught to
think of practicality or commu-
nication whenever we de-
sign something. As you believe
that designing needs beau-
ty, what do you think about the
practicality and communi-
cation sides of art?


If someone asks me what
is the most important thing in
communication, I would
answer it is the beauty. What
is your reaction would
be when you stand face to face
the beautiful things (beauti-
ful but practical products, such
as furniture, architecture,
graphic design, packages, fash-
ionable clothes, etc.), as
well as Beauty itself (pure art,
man, animals and plants,
ocean, sky, rainbow, and other
natural beauty, outer space,
etc.)? Do you need words to ex-
plain them? Need any
presentation by words? Beauty
will capture your heart in a
moment and be communicated
to you, or anybody, with
the lightening speed, won't it ?
Design must be Beauty
itself, its embodiment. I believe
that it is the mission of us,
graphic designers, to keep cre-
ating the communication
full of beauty, which grips the
human heart, and that one

of the most effective ways
to fill this world with beauty is
Graphic Design as art.

question 3.
Your work is very beautiful
and impressive. It looks
like you give more emphasis
on beauty than the story
behind it. For example, your
work about the wings of
garuda (His Majesty the King's
Symbol Art IV-Personal
Mark, Rama IX King Bhumibol
Adulyadej The King of
Thailand) . Thai audience is not
familiar with the picture
of garuda's wings without the
body. Do we understand
you correctly?

I am very glad you give
such a good account of my work
as beautiful and impressive.
If you really feel so, I believe the
story behind the design
emphasized the beauty you felt.

always has its deep meaning
and story, and is the crys-
tallization of such meaning and
story. I sometimes liken
my Logos to the snow crystals.
I am always moved very
much the wonder of the snow
crystals being the beautiful
geometrical modeling. And their
being the design, Logo,
by themselves. Who or What
created them? I cannot
help having the sense of awe
at the wonders of nature,
earth, universe, and the stories
behind them. I have de-
sired to be able to create my
Logos as natural as the
snow crystals are created, and
endeavored to create many
works in such a way. I have ac-
quired through the long
experience my original method
of deriving the stories to
be the main concepts, from the
bottom of my subconscious
mind, and subliming them into
Beauty (in my case, de-
sign, Logo). It is not to simply

cultivate the expertise
of designing, but, most impor-
tantly, to maintain your
strong will and effort for reaching
to the realm beyond human
knowledge in a sense. The work
(Beauty, the Logo) born out
of such a realm is the personal
Logo I-IV for His Majesty
the King Bhumibol Adulyadej of

question 4.
What do you think when
Velerie Pettis says,"Graphic
design is the search for
a magical balance between
business and art, art
and craft, intuition and reason,
concept and detail, play-
fulness and formality, client and
designer, designer and
printer, printer and public”?

I think his words capture
one aspect of Graphic Design.
If I were asked now what
is Graphic Design, my answer

would be that it is the un-
limited power itself to lead this
world to peace and the peo-
ple to aesthetic bliss, by com-
manding the principles of
creation given only to human
being in this world.

question 5.
You could make the tens
of thousands of children from
both Bangladesh and
Hiroshima get to gether and
draw pictures. It shows
that graphic design can defi-
nitely bring love and peace
to humankind. Do you intend
to use the beauty of art in
graphic design to remind peo-
ple of love and peace, par-
ticularly when many countries
in the world are in crisis
like this? What is your attitude
towards our world, human-
ity, ra cial problem, politics, and
religious conflict?

As in Answer 4, Graphic

Design is, for me, the power
itself, the way of attaining
love and peace, and not only
the means of business. I
strongly believe that those who
are gifted with the talent
of creation, that of Graphic De-
sign, should go over and
beyond the business and work
hard to contribute to love
and peace on earth, since they
have taken up such a role
when they were given their tal-
ent. In this confused world,
many heartbreaking affairs are
happening everyday.
We are overwhelmed by sorrow
and anxiety especially when
we think of wars and terrorism
for which we seem to have
no solution. In such times, when
not many words are heard
nor actions seen of the artists
and designers, I think our
creative and original mindsets
and designs can help solving
those terrible issues in
the world, even if only slightly.
I have already

established a NPO called
CI Renaissance Committee
in 1996, and rolled out a
peace movement through the
means of Graphic Design,
especially through Corporate
Identity Design. One of its
projects is The Biggest Paint-
ing in the World 2010, a
project for peace with the chil-
dren of the world aged 3
to 12, with no regards to race,
ethnicity, or religion, paint-
ing the pictures they like,
which will be sewn together in
2010 to become the biggest
painting in the world. We plan
to exhibit this biggest paint-
ing all over the world and then
put it in a capsule to be
buried deep in the Hiroshima
Peace Park, the center of
the nuclear bomb explosion, in
order to conserve as a mes-
sage for the future generations.
A part of the video images
you saw at the Seminar is taken
in Bangladesh in December,
1996, when 13,000

children in Kurigram District
drew pictures with us. We
were overwhelmed by the art
and the energy of those
poor children who were illiter-
ate and drew pictures for
the first time in their life. I am
sure you felt it through the
screen. They don't know what
peace is, but drew peace
itself. Paul Klee said, "Children
are, as they are, the real
artists.” The children of Bangla-
desh proved his words on
this occasion. And so, we de-
clare, "We won't shout
against the wars, nor organize
the positive peace move-
ments, but we believe the way
to realize the world peace
is for children to draw pictures
innocently and joyfully ”Our
project, The Biggest Painting in
the World 2012, may not have
any concrete meaning, but
we believe it is in such meaning-
less depth in which the pure
and true mission of art, the way
to peace, is hidden. If this

project is to be held in Thai-
land, too, I hope you all to par-
ticipate in it and feel with all
your senses and heart the pure
art and energy born out of
the children of your country. It
will be a wonderful experi-
ence of communication among
you, I, and the children.

question 6.
Simplicity, peace, loveliness,
and playfulness are major
characteristics of Japanese peo-
ple. They are reflected in eve-
rything Japanese people do. Do
you agree with the idea,
especially when considered in
light of graphic design?

question 7.
Can we say that you see
simplicity as the best attribute of
graphic design? Please
elaborate on that.

My activities right now
cover various countries and

I'm not very conscious
of being Japanese. However,
the image of Japanese in
your question may apply to me
in some sense. If you con-
sider my works of Graphic De-
sign very Japanese, it may
be because of the fact that my
works are somewhat akin
to Katura Palace, one of the rep-
resentative examples of
Japanese architecture. This Pal-
ace constantly attracts the
people of all over the world with
its absolute simplicity in its
mode of architecture, with no de-
cor or adornment or any other
frills but with such a gentleness
and elegance.
The Palace Garden, created by
the craft of men, is a micro-
cosmos far more beautiful than
the nature itself, its forests
or jungles or green fields. Here I
find the quintessence of my
art, my design. It means the cre-
ation of the world of Beauty
more beautiful than the nature
by men.

It is the true art, the true
design. My Graphic Design is
created with such Japa-
nese mind and sprit, which al-
ways attempt to get close
to the essence of things. Thus,
it becomes possible to
create with a simple black line
the most beautiful and
sophisticated Graphic Design-

question 8.
In the present world,
a cultural flow from the west to
the east is obvious. This
affects the life style as well as
the way of thinking of many
young people. What is your idea
about this phenomenon?

Your indication is also true
with my country, Japan. We still
seem to be almost crushed
by the flow of Western culture.
Especially the young gen-
eration seems to live in nothing
less than Western

culture, with their clothing,
food and even houses. They
consider themselves Jap-
anese simply because they are
legally Japanese living in
Japan without any considera-
tion for their heritage. However,
to me, this phenomenon
seems a part of the times and
one process in evolution,
which gives birth to a new cul-
ture and art by blending
Western culture into Japanese
culture. Given the rapidly on
going globalization, the barrier
between the East and the
West seems banishing. For ex-
ample, when I hold an ex-
hibition of my Graphic Design
outside Japan, the audi-
ence says they feel the Japa-
neseness in its simplicity,
while the audience at my exhi-
bition in Japan says they
like my works because they are
very Western. Amazing, isn't it?
Which of them understands
my identity correctly? Well, I feel
this phenomenon represents

the true globalization.
I believe firmly that my works
have what can be called
the international style and this
style is one result of evolu-
tion in Graphic Design which is
the fusion of the East and
the West, Japan and the West.

about Students'works

question 1.

What is the most outstanding
feature of this work?

The most excellent feature
in the work of the grand prize
winner is its plain, clear,
and yet powerful visualization
of his personal Logo into
a poster, which is very close to
my designing philosophy
that the quintessence of Graph-
ic Design is Logo. Beside
such a concept, of course, the
design itself is full of strong
appeal. The essential,

core item in Corporate Iden-
tity Design, is its Logo.
Not many designers fully real-
ize the great impact of
Corporate Logo in their corpo-
rate activities both inter-
nally and externally. All the ac-
tivities as a business entity
are realized only when they
have their Logo printed on their
visiting cards, stationeries,
advertisement, and their goods
and products. In their Logo,
their symbol, resides their ethos
as organization, and it has
a strong power to present an
image of their ideal future
course. Therefore, such a sym-
bol itself precede its visual-
ization in posters, not the other
way around. So, the proc-
ess in which a symbol exists first,
then, it is visualized into
posters, was very important in
the theme of this competition.
I put into practice my theory and
method of subliming Logo
into the art, which I acquired

my own efforts, and it was
the Personal Identity Design of
the winner that was created
with idea and sensitivity closest
to this theory and method
of mine.

question 2.
How would you suggest
and comment on the students'
works so that they can do
better in their graphic design
in the future?

I believe that Graphic De-
sign, an creative activity which
is to bring forth something
from nothing or to make visible
the unseen, is one of the
ultimate tasks assigned only to
human being. And that the
graphic designers have the mis-
sion to lead the world in
the better way with the talent
and creativity given specially to
them. For you, I am sure,
Graphic Design is not simply a
business tool or a means

to earn living. I reckon it
has a potential to solve many
difficult problems in the
world, and even to bring about
peace and happiness to
many people on earth. I do hope
you play an active role in
the world using Graphic Design
for such a purpose.

"answers”was excerpted
and compiled from the questions
and answers between the stu-
dents and Inayoshi at the Hiromi
Inayoshi Corporate Identity
Design Seminar and Exhibition,
held from 17th to 24th of
January, 2004, at Bangkok Uni-
versity in Thailand.