His Majesty The King's Art [HIROMI INAYOSHI Design]

Concept of HIROMI INAYOSHI Design


For me, the quintessence of graphic design is symbol mark,
and all of graphic design is crystallized into its application, which is
visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes and other stationery.

Hiromi Inayoshi


Personal Identity Design-
His Majesty the King’s Symbol Art (Mark) I-IV,
Stationery I-IV and KING’S ART
(Personal Identity Manual)

His Majesty the King’s Symbol Art (Mark) I-IV
and Stationery I-IV are exactly what I consider as
supreme personal identity design.

An exhibition of my works was held on March 18,
2003, at Plaza Athenee Hotel in Bangkok.
It was an anniversary event of 75th birthday of His
Majesty, with Her Royal Highness the Crown
Princess Somsawalee as the guest of honor to in-
augurate the reception. In this occasion,
the King’s Symbol Art(Mark) I-IV, Stationery I-IV and
KING’S ART (Personal Identity Mannual)
were presented to the King. The scene was broad-
casted by TV and all other media, and had
a great public response in and out of Thailand.

Hiromi Inayoshi


Four Symbol Art (Mark) for His Majesty
the King

There are 4 kinds of symbol arts, which
are Symbol Art (Mark) I-IV each with
significance and concept related to His
Majesty and Thailand.

Rama IX King Bhumibol Adulyadej :
His Majesty the King’s Symbol Art (Mark) I

This mark depicts “A”, the initial of
His Majesty’s name, and also signifies the
image of traditional Thai temples and
pagodas, with nine circles, symbolizing jew-
els, to representing His Majesty’s status
as Rama IX. STATIONALY I-IV His Majesty
The King’s Stationery I-IV


His Majesty The King’s Stationery I-IV

His Majesty The King’s Stationery I-IV is
designed as the application of Symbol
Mark I-IV. Conqueror’s IR Gold Dust is used
to give chartaceous uniformity to visiting
cards letterhead and envelops.
The best and highest printing techniques
in Thailand was employed such as gold
leaf stamping and double blind stamping in
addition to printing with 9 special colors
and Burco to recreate the colors of Symbol
Marks. Their beauty and high-quality
finish made them the one and only station-
ery suited to be used by His Majesty
the King of Thailand.


His Majesty The King’s Personal Identity
Mannual-KING’S ART

King’s Art Identity Manual is a high-level
graphics book containing the original
prints of Symbol Art(Mark)I-IV, their construc-
tion maps, the original prints of Visiting
Card I-IV and Letterhead I-IV, among others,
but it’s not a mere manual but it incorpo-
rates the heart and soul of Personal Identity
Design as composite art.