Commendation [HIROMI INAYOSHI]


What guide and support my activities are the encouraging messages
my great and esteemed predecessors have sent to me.

Hiromi Inayoshi


Commendation I

The Highly Pure Spirit of Luxury Hiromi Inayoshi is
a type of a designer I have never met before.
His work is so extensive that it is not appropriate to
define him as a designer. He is also a creator
and an art director. However, in Japan, only a few art
directors have such a wide-range abilities as he.
When I say Hiromi Inayoshi is a type of a designer I
have never met before, I refer to his endowments.
I have absolutely no knowledge of his background nor
his history. However, when I meet him and talk
with him, and when I see the quality of his work, his
taste or distinctive sensibility enables me to sense
his superb innate talent in its highly pure form.
Witnessing his working process convinced me that his
remarkably sophisticated flash of inspiration under-
lies his urban sensibility. This leads me to the strong
conviction that Japan has become able to pro-
duce this type of designer at last. Criticism on the de-
clining quality of art directors are already heard
among the thoughtful American designers. Recently,
Charles Anderson from the United States deploringly
said, “Art directors in the U.S. are now nothing
but a money calculating machine. ” These words may
soon fit to describe the situation of Japan. Espe-
cially at a time like this, I hope Hiromi Inayoshi tena-
ciously uphold with dignity and dauntlessness
his highly pure spirit of luxury.

The Late Yuusaku Kamekura
Former chairman,
Japan Graphic Designers Associaton
Honorary Adviser,
CI Renaissance Committee