Modernism, Statue of Mind [HIROMI INAYOSHI Personal Mark]

Concept of HIROMI INAYOSHI Parsonal Mark


My art works have been ever evolving from two dimensions to
three dimensions and further onto new dimensions, as an inspiration urges
me to give birth to a new life form, which is a new art. The state in
which man’s handwork transcends God’s creation is precisely the teminus
ad quem of us, artists, who command the creativity bestowed on me.
And it is the challenge to creation, in other words, to create the beauty beyond
the nature, that HIROMI INAYOSHI ART is all about.

Hiromi Inayoshi


Modernism, Statue of Mind

Modernistic sculpture with her inner
face in the abstraction is the personal mark
of Her, created with her initials T and P.
This sculpture symbolizes her noble spirituality
and the memory of beautiful encounters
which is hidden in the deep of her mind. Her
surname, Her name means peacock.
Her personal mark, which visualizes her inner
aspect, will remain forever in the memory
of people as the quintessence of beauty with
modernism at its bottom.

Hiromi Inayoshi